Tequita Chihuahuas

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About Us

We started our Tequita Chihuahuas because we are passionate about our Smooth Coat Chihuahuas. Our idea was to breed the best , high-quality, well socialized  Chihuahuas at reasonable prices.  

It seems that our idea has worked, because Tequita Chihuahuas has grown continuously in recent years.

With Reoleen's passing in September 2018, we lost a huge part of the heart and soul of Tequita.  She was the driving force behind our kennel, the brains and the brawn of the outfit.  We miss her daily.  We are however still committed to breeding exceptional quality Chihuahuas and French Bulldogs and will strive to make her proud.   


Our experienced Owners  work  hard to accommodate all your needs and to exceed all your expectations.  


Our friendly and experienced staff is always eager to help you.