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How Tequita Chihuahuas Started.


Let us introduce ourselves


So, here we are, after 12 years and still going strong and love every moment with our Chihuahuas.


Hi, we are Lorinda and Reoleen the very proud owners of the Tequita Chihuahua kennels and we would like to invite you on a tour of our world. Yes, Chihuahuas have become our complete world, our be all and end all. When we bought our first Chihuahua, it was never our intention to become breeders of this magnificent toy breed, and yet we still not see ourselves as breeders there is such a difference between Tequita and any other breeding kennel. So Petunia came into our lives in a most unexpected way, and emotions that came with her, were also very unexpected. For me it was complete love at first sight and I still cannot get enough of her. For obvious reasons, we decided that she must have a best friend, and so Bozai came into our world, followed closely by a male friend, and still breeding was not on our agenda. After the purchase of our tenth baby, we made a conscious decision to become the best breeders that we could possibly be. Total different to the rest. And as we look back at the past 12 years we can say "We've do it" based on the relationships we build with our puppy families, we are proud to say our Chihuahuas has the best quality well deserve  live there can be.

Tequita Chihuahuas Is a Canine SA registered kennel and we pride ourselves on the fact, that we breed strictly according to the general breeding standards. For this reason we do not acknowledge the term "pocket size" ( does this refer to some clothing article?) or  teacup""(maybe a reference to after-noon tea wit the aunt? and the breeder use the biggest coffee mug to display puppies, why would all these ridiculous method to sell your puppies, if you know your quality that you breed!



All our pups wear exactly the same prize tag. Size and colour does not change the value of our precious babies. All our babies are born in our "maternity ward". No litter has been born without either Reoleen or myself being present and even after all this time we still get all teary eyed and emotional. Our pups are raised as part of our family and by the time that they are ready for adoption, they are fully socialized and will adapt to almost any household. We strive to match the perfect Chihuahua with the perfect new owners.